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The Reality of Uber Real Estate

The mixed services from uber transport services and real estate services is what created uber real estate services. The buyer, seller, realtor and uber driver can all use services from each other through the uber real estate application. These are the properties of uber real estate.

The technology used in uber real estate does not differ much from other applications on the internet. In this case the seller is required to sign up in the application and offer their details pertaining to the property and himself generally. Some of the required details to appear on the seller profile include identification document details which include full names and number of document together with attached images of the property. As much as the buyer can follow this procedure it should be noted that it is not an essential requirement for them. Thereby the two can be linked to arrange for site seeing.

The realtor is not exempted from this process as they should also provide the required information stipulated by the uber real estate app. A realtor will be required to give information such as their license number, identification document number and their full names as per the identification document. The realtor license is a document provided by the state to prove the legality of a realtor’s operations and get rid of fraudsters. The only realtors who will be able to offer their services to sellers on the application are those who pass the validity tests.

Thirdly, now that all parties can fully operate in the application the realtor will be responsible for matching buyers to sellers and once both parties have gained reliable communication and the buyer is serious on making a purchase they can meet up at the property site. This is where other uber services come in. Here the real estate agent will arrange for the nearest uber real estate driver to pick up the buyer from where they are and take them to where the property is located so that they can meet the seller and begin serious negotiations. The uber driver is already told by the agent on where to take them hence the buyer will not have a problem in accessing the site.

Finally are the advantages that each involved person from seller to driver will get from the app. The buyer gets a chance to buy from authorized realtors and serious sellers thus make good use of the good transparency involved. The sellers are able to connect with serious buyers and get rid of calls from fake buyers who in their own way may end up being fraudsters. Realtors get good commissions on every deal sealed they linked and reduce property advertising costs. Uber real estate drivers also get a good payment from the services they provided.