The Beginners Guide To Landscaping (Chapter 1)

Installation of Koi Fish Pond

In matters to do with DIY projects, making koi ponds is high in the list and it also enables you to join the pet ownership club in the end. There is a reason why the thinkers in the society resort to fish ponds and colorful marine life for inspiration. Koi fish are very fragile and they used to require much dedication and patience to keep. There is plenty of practical advice and even admiration in the lovely communities the Koi aficionados form. Everyone can now take advantage of this feature thanks to modern technology. The first step is planning whereby you create your vision. Besides the money you will put into the process, you need to have a budget for the koi pond. To avoid mistakes, everything should be measured twice before you cut. The planning process is also the point where you put down the end product you want and the extra elements you might want your koi pond to have. So that you do not limit your option, ensure you have a number of plans and layouts.

Once your visions are clear, it is time to inspect the actual site where the pond will go. If you need healthy koi fish, the water has to be to a certain depth and there should be enough space for the fish to move around. The water clarity should be high for the fish to survive and you should design the pond in such a way that the fish will be able to get four hours of sunlight daily. Be prepared for clogged debris on a regular basis if you decide to locate your pond under trees and there is also something about having to clean debris on a regular basis. The accumulation of algae in small ponds is quite high. You will always have clear water in large ponds because even with algae in water it will move around until it is clean again. When you are building a koi pond, have the water depth to be more than 3 feet. It should be between 3 and 5 feet. They hibernate during winter and with such a water depth they will be okay. There is nothing wrong with digging deeper but you have to remember that it will increase the construction budget. It is possible to maximize the space while minimizing the volume. This might be tricky but it has to be done. In order to keep the koi fish health, you should maximize on water circulation. There will be more water circulation if you add a moving element in the koi fish pond. This website will offer more insight into the process.