Installing a Cat Flap Pet Door

If you have a pet cat you may decide that you want them to be able to come and go outside as they please. There are a few reasons owners decide to do this, mainly to give the cat the chance to get some air and enjoy the outside but also because they can go to the bathroom outside and then the owner does not have to worry about cleaning a kitty litter box.

No matter what the reason if you have decided you want your cat to be an outdoor cat it will be much to your benefit to install a cat flap pet door. A cat flap will ensure that your cat can come and go as they please without you having to worry about constantly having to open the door for them. A lot of owners just wonder how they can install a cat flap in their own home.


You do not have to call a professional to install the cat flap if you would rather save yourself some money and just do it on your own. Of course first you will want to take some measurements to have an idea of how large the pet door needs to be. All cats are different sizes and you certainly do not want your cat to end up stuck on their way out the door.

Then you want to get your tools and supplies together. This can vary depending on what sort of details you are looking to have on the cat flap but the basic supplies include a saw, sandpaper, cat flap fixings and some safety goggles to protect your eyes. You can use a pencil to draw a light template around the area you want to have the pet door cut out.

Then you can use the saw to cut through the door and always stick to making it smaller and then slowly work to make it larger, rather than the other way around. The sandpaper will work well to smooth things out and ensure there are no rough edges that will hurt kitty as they make their way through. You want to have the pet door be a bit larger than the actual cat so there is more than enough room for them to make it through.

The cat flap fixings should include the actual flap as well as screws to screw it onto the door with. Once you are finished the flap should be easy to go back and forth through and there should not be any cracks or openings when the flap is closed.

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