How to Groom Your Cat

If you want to stop your cat shedding hairs than try doing these 5 things.

Tips for cat grooming:

1. Brush your Cats Hair every day!

This must be done, in order to keep your cat well groomed and to collect any loose cat hairs. Brushing a cats hair is really the only way to get rid of dead hairs and loose hairs that would fall onto your clothes, furniture and floor otherwise.

2. “Mop” Your Cat’s Coat.

This means you take a wet cloth or wipe and so to say “mop” your cat’s fur.

Because of the wet cloth, a lot of your cats hairs will get stuck to the cloth and not shed onto your floor.

Remember to rinse the cloth out thoroughly before using again on your cat. Do this as many times as necessary until the hairs on the cloth become less.

3. Clean your Cat From the Inside out!

Often, what our pets eat has a big effect on how their health, coat and skin ends up looking.

If you want your cat to be a healthy cat, with soft furr that doesn’t shed so much, then make sure your cat eats good cat food that has Omega 3 inside as well as Omega 6 fatty acid.

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid reduces cat hair shedding and soften your cats skin.

I recommend California Natural Cat Food, since it’s made with nutritious Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that help soften skin and reduce excess shedding.

4. Shampoo Your Cat!

Shampooing your cat, makes your cat’s coat healthier and washes away any loose cat hairs. Also, the healthier your cats’ coat is the less your cat will shed hairs.

You can shampoo your cat while you bath your cat.

5. Bath your cat!

Bath your cat every two or so weeks with a shampoo designed for cats. If your cat hates baths and gives you too much trouble in the tub or sink, you can use a wet cloth, some disposable wipes or water sprays. (Make sure NEVER to spray the water INTO your cats face or eyes! Cats hate that.)

Water helps remove loose hair, which can sometimes be missed by the brush or comb.

Take an empty washing basket or plastic container. You don’t have to bathe your cat in deep water, even up to your cats knees will do. Then the only thing left to do, is to take a cloth and wring the water onto your cat’s back. Be VERY CAREFUL when bathing your cat, the water must NOT be too hot, or too cold or too deep! Go here for tips on bathing your cat.

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