Contemplate Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Dog and cat care involves quite a few differences. Many superficial things will be similar, of course, like regular feeding, vaccinations, and the responsibility for certain elements of grooming, like keeping the animal’s claws clipped. But other differences in the care given to cats and dogs can be immense. The psychology of each species is completely distinct, and their way of viewing the world, and especially how they interact with humans, has a completely different basis.

The owner of a cat may be used to certain types of cat behavior and attitudes, which they’ll never see in a dog. A cat gives affection and loyalty, but is also an animal that values its independence. It allows interaction from its owner on its own terms. Dogs and cats differ in this, because he regards its owner and the extended family as its pack. It needs companionship and will lavish affection on its pack, and may suffer abandonment issues if left alone for too long. A pet owner accustomed to the independence of a cat may feel overwhelmed by the dependence of a dog.

The playing styles of cats and dogs are also significantly different. He will want most often to play with its pack, which either means the owner, or perhaps a few other dogs that form a temporary pack on a walk in the park. The owner will rarely be able to do other things while he plays on its own. A cat, on the other hand, while it will play with the owner, is frequently content to play alone with its cat toys. It does this because by nature, it is a solitary hunter, and this playing is a means of honing its hunting skills.

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