Cat Health and Grooming

Cat health and grooming are related to one another. Grooming plays very effective role as far as hygiene of the cat is concerned. The cat with poor hygiene will be highly susceptible for various health problems. The cats that are kept well groomed can be maintained at their best health.

The grooming of the cat must done vet regularly. Grooming once in a day, preferably first thing in the morning is best. This way both the cat and the owner or the pet care taker will be used to it. Regular grooming is very essential if the cat is found to possess longhair. The grooming helps in prevention of hairballs, tangled hair etc. these tangles in the hair can be a source of infection if contaminated with pathogens. This way the cat health is assured by proper grooming.

The toe nails of the cat need to be trimmed regularly. This will help the cat walk with ease. The scratching of the body of the cat by the nail can pave way for infection. Hence cat health is protected by grooming. Let the trimming the toenail start early in life of the cat so that the cats will be used to it and will not trouble the pet owner as they grow older, when they attempt trimming of the toenail. While trimming the person must take not to cut the pink vein and only the tip of the nail needs cutting. While trimming the toenail, the pad if gets pressed, will make the nail to come out and the trimming will become easy then.

The teeth of the feline also require regular cleaning. Cleaning can be done by rubbing a cloth dipped in baking soda or salt. The eyes of the cats do require cleaning. For this, cotton swab dipped in salt solution is used.

There are some useful tips when it comes to grooming the cat. It is better to use a brush that is provided with soft bristles. The soft bristled brush will give comfort ad not irritate the skin of the cat and the cat will start cooperating with you. One can think of rewarding the cat after successful grooming in order to encourage the cat to cooperate in the future too.

The grooming must be done only in the direction of the coat of the cat as discussed already. The grooming brush can be placed in different places of the house. This will prevent you from running here and there in search of the comb, having the cat secured at one place. One can think of attaching a self grooming plastic combs anywhere in the house preferably in the lower portion of the wall so that the cat can rub his body over it whenever she wants. Hence if the pet owners want to protect the feline health, grooming is must for that.

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